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"FOOT ODORS" You need to get educated and stop with this indoctrination you have been handed. Calling "Bco4th6th" a "Moron" that has far more understanding of what cholesterol is and how the body works is just showing your IGNORANCE. You need to free yourself from the lies you believe.

In regard to your question, first you need to evaluate if your cholesterol level is too high and then you need to find out why. Lowering cholesterol is ridiculous. That is like removing your speedometer in your car if you keep going faster than the speed limit.

Men should have a total cholesterol range between 200 and 240 and women should be between 240 and 270 to be healthy and produce good hormones and good longevity.

Cholesterol has very little to do with heart attacks. Cholesterol is just an indicator, not the problem. The body regulates cholesterol levels according to what it needs. If you eat less cholesterol containing foods, your liver just makes more to compensate and if you eat lots of cholesterol foods, your liver reduces the amount according to what your body needs. Cholesterol is NOT A FAT, but is a form of alcohol. The only bad component of any cholesterol in your body is ONLY the PATTERN B - LDL. The PATTERN A - LDL cholesterol is good and your body needs this to transport fatty acids. EVERY cellular membrane in your body (all Trillion or more) contains cholesterol. Cholesterol is the base for ALL of your steroid hormones, including, but not limited to Progesterone, Pregnenalone, Cortisol, Testosterone, Estrogen, and many more. To reduce your LDL - Pattern B cholesterol you just have to eliminate GRAINS, SUGAR, and CORNSTARCH from your diet. Make sure you have good intestinal flora so you will be producing good "B" vitamins and especially vitamin B-6, B-12, and Folic Acid. If you are deficient in those items, you will be producing homocystein proteins in your blood and that will cause your blood and the arterial walls to become "STICKY." If you are not producing good hydrochloric acid, you will not have good calcium management and it is very important for you to have your coronary calcium checked.

Omega 6 fatty acid is an essential fatty acid you need to consume each day, along with omega 3 fatty acids. The correct ratio should be twice the omega 6 to omega 3. The problem is that Americans diet consists of about 20 - 30 omega 6 to 1 omega 3. These fatty acids are responsible for making prostaglandins, DHA for the brain and EPA for the eyes to all work properly. TRANS FATS are made from polyunsaturated fats primarily due to the multiple double bonds. AVOID ALL soybean, canola, cottonseed, and corn oils at all costs. HFCS is not sugar and the body does not metabolize it as sugar, but puts a huge burden on the liver. Much of the obesity in America comes from HFCS. A virus, such as the nanobacteria can cause heart problems, along with many other organ function problems. This bacteria can be killed if you have adequate HCL production in your stomach. Antacids destroy the HCL and your digestion. VERY BAD NEWS to take antacids of any kind. It is the lack of HCL that causes acid indigestion, not too much as you have been told.

The real culprit in heart disease is NOT cholesterol.

Cholesterol drugs are damaging people everywhere with liver cancers, low hormone production, reducing CO-Q-quinol, and turning on the antrogen-1 gene that is causing muscle atrophy. Drug companies and doctors should be ashamed of themselves for promoting ignorance and iatrogenic problems.

good luck to you
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