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High Volume Liposuction: Get the Perfect Body but Safety First
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Default High Volume Liposuction: Get the Perfect Body but Safety First – 05-14-2013, 05:17 PM

Large volume liposuction, circumferential liposuction, Total body Liposuction or High volume liposuction all are the names of one unique process. This process is unique in the sense that it is the only process that treats people with a high BMR, more than 30% of the ideal BMR. There are so many methods and technologies introduced in liposuction. Most of these technologies are introduced to treat people with a relatively healthy BMR level. These processes treat stubborn fatty deposits that are not treated with extreme diet or exercise. High Volume Liposuction treats people with high fat volume dispersed all over the body.
How it Works?
The process of high volume liposuction removes more than 5 pounds of fat volume. Some other fluids are also removed along with fat. The process is almost same as traditional liposuction. Large amount of fat volume is suctioned with the help of long, fine and high metal tube known as cannula. It is different in the sense that it involves one or multiple procedures to remove high volume of fat. As it suctions out more than 5 lbs of fat (a very high amount keeping in mind traditional liposuction, SmartLipo and other such techniques) it is named as high volume liposuction.
Who Needs High Volume Liposuction?
Traditional liposuction treats particular body parts. Moreover, there are certain restrictions associated with the process. People who have already near ideal body fat can undergo liposuction. The process will help them remove stubborn fatty packets from here and there. People with a BMR ranging between 25% – 28% of their ideal BMR can chose traditional liposuction.
But, what for those who have fat distributed throughout their body? There are people who have a genetically fat body structure. No matter whatever they do, they simply do not lose weight. Overall appearance of such individuals is as if they have never tried any diet or exercise plan. Whereas, in some cases it is post surgery body, unhealthy diet and inactive lifestyle that leads to fat bodies. High volume liposuction is an ideal choice for such individuals. If you have more than 30% BMR than your ideal BMR level, you can go for high volume liposuction.
Risks and Complications:
As explained earlier, high volume of fat and other fluids are removed during this process. The process is quite complex, hence, the number of risks and complications associated is also high. When a high volume of fat is removed from the body, the body undergoes several changes. There are chances that the blood pressure will suddenly and drastically droop very low.
Good as well as bad fluids are removed out of the body during the procedure. This also affects body’s natural fluid mechanism. As a result, the body usually suffers severe dehydration. Dehydration triggers low blood pressure, disturbance in circulatory system and can affect kidney and liver.
How to Lower Risks of Complication?
A good doctor with a qualified and trained staff can perform the procedure more accurately. Moreover, it is also necessary that the surgery is performed in a well equipped facility so that in case of emergency quick help could be obtained. Good news is that with all such precautionary steps, the rate of risks and complications is very low.
What if I am Obese?
Many people think that they can reduce their weight with the help of high volume liposuction. However, it is important to note that the results, risks and complications all depend on how much amount of fat has been removed. Generally, doctors treat 5 lbs of fat and fluids at a time. It is considered that removing excessive amount of fat and fluids can cause more harm than good. During this phase, the obese people are suggested to regularly workout and maintain healthy diet.
Doctors believe that the sole purpose of liposuction is to cut your body shape, not to reduce weight. It is good if the patient try to cut the weight with other resources as well. High Volume liposuction will definitely give obese people a perfect shape, but hard work from your side is also needed.
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