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When will Gulf War vets stand together and express our rage of Gulf War syndrome?
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Default When will Gulf War vets stand together and express our rage of Gulf War syndrome? – 12-28-2008, 07:43 AM

I’ve suffered for years…I was told"it’s all in your head". Now what? I’ve watched my friends suffer also. I think it’s now time to fight back!Definition of Gulf War SyndromeGulf War Syndrome is the name given to a variable combination of psychological and physical complaints experienced by veterans of the Persian Gulf War.Description of Gulf War SyndromeIt began in Indiana in early 1992, when soldiers in two reserve units that had fought in the Persian Gulf war began to suffer a puzzling array of symptoms. Some became unusually fatigued, and others said that their joints ached. They experienced headaches, rashes and hair loss, and their memories occasionally failed them. In some cases, the symptoms were severe enough to require hospitalization.Of the 697,000 veterans who served in the Gulf War hundreds, and then thousands, of veterans began showing up at hospitals run by the Department of Veterans Affairs with these and other symptoms. Eventually, 10,000 veterans asked for physical examinations to see if they had what has come to be called Gulf War Syndrome.The sequence of events leading to the identificExperts say such problems begin with real suffering that is often dismissed as psychosomatic – or, to use a more contemporary counterpart,"stress-related."Among complaints of this sort, the ones closest to acquiring status as recognized diseases are"sick building syndrome"and"multiple chemical sensitivity."I was with 2nd armor division (FWD)
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